Three years of Glovix: A success story

There are many companies that go their own way and try to assert themselves in a highly competitive market. But only a few can claim to have successfully grown continuously over the years. Glovix is ​​one of these companies. With innovative ideas, hard work and a focused team, Glovix has achieved impressive milestones over the last three years.

Founding and vision: Glovix was founded in 2020 by two visionary founders. Their goal was to offer a wide range of disposable and reusable protective gloves in many different colors and sizes.

Beginnings and first successes: The first few months were challenging for Glovix. The team had to work with limited resources and continually face new challenges. But her determination and commitment paid off. Soon, Glovix gained the attention of numerous companies and began successfully acquiring customers. The positive feedback and the growing number of users have strengthened the team in their mission.

Glovix now has more than 3,000 customers

Partnerships: Glovix has successfully partnered with various companies to expand its product portfolio and achieve greater reach. These strategic collaborations have enabled Glovix to offer its services throughout Switzerland and to serve customers in different languages.

Outlook for the future: With three successful years behind it, Glovix is ​​now facing new challenges and opportunities. The company plans to further expand its product range and open up new markets. Glovix has set itself the goal of becoming one of the leading providers of disposable and multi-protective gloves in combination with price-performance.

Conclusion: Glovix's success story over the last three years is impressive. From humble beginnings out of the garage to a national company, Glovix has proven that persistence, innovation and a focused team are critical to success. We are excited about the coming years and Glovix's continued achievements in the world of digital communications.


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