represents well-known companies that manufacture and offer high-quality disposable gloves.

We have a wide range of nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves in 18 different colors. Our gloves are available in sizes XS - XXL and offer consistent quality. We can assure you that our products are permanently available.

Our goal is to provide businesses like yours with excellent protection and convenience. Our gloves are ideal for various industries such as medicine, catering, industry and many more.

Why should you choose our gloves? Our company is characterized by convincing features:

  1. High quality: Our gloves are made from high quality materials and meet common standards.
  1. Variety: With 18 different colors we offer you a wide range of options.
  1. Size range: From XS to XXL, we cover all needs.
  1. Reliability: Thanks to our continuous production, we can guarantee you long-term availability.

We would be pleased if we have aroused your interest. We would be happy to send you further information and samples of our gloves so that you can convince yourself of their quality.

Do not hesitate to contact me on +41 55 535 72 27 or by email at for more information or to place an order. We are at your service anytime.

Thank you for your attention and we hope to hear from you soon.

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